Saturday, March 14, 2009

Flat screen TV installation in an RV

Until the last couple of years, most RV manufacturers were still installing traditional CRT (cathode ray tube) televisions. Most new RVs are now coming equipped with LDC (liquid crystal display) televisions. The LCDs are more attractive, have a better picture, and are much lighter-normally at least a third less in weight. Their narrow profile provides more mounting options as well.

In motorhomes with an above dash center mounted television, the cabinet can be moved forward and up out of the way, to allow easier access in and out of the coach. On most motorhomes we will remove the factory center TV cabinet and build a new one tailored to fit the customers choice of LCD. This usually requires replacement of the front section of headliner as well.

In bedrooms, and the occasional kitchen. The TV installations normally require some custom built cabinetry to frame in and finish around the TV. Swing out brackets are another popular choice. These articulating brackets can improve the viewing angle as well as provide access to storage space made available due to the thin profile of the new TV.

The coach in the photos received three new LCDs. In the front we rebuilt the center cabinet in matching walnut. In the kitchen we built a walnut face frame, and in the bedroom the opening was enlarged and custom trimwork built for the top and bottom.