Tuesday, March 24, 2009

RV window shades, finally something better!

For many years most RV manufacturers have offered two choices for window coverings. Mini-blinds or pleated day-night shades have been installed in a large percentage of both motor homes and trailers. Both of these choices definitely have their downsides.

Mini blinds generally built from plastic or aluminum can rattle as you go down the road, become brittle or bend and also have nylon strings which over time can wear out and break.

Pleated day-night shades are functional, but also rely on nylon stings and are very difficult to care for and clean.

MCD RV Innovations is bringing a better solution into the RV market. Currently available as OEM equipment in some of the high end motorhomes, the American Duo shade is a great solution to the problems found in traditional RV window coverings.

The American Duo day-night shade system is a two part advanced roller shade. The day portion is a clearview solar sun screen, allowing easy vision out while blocking the view looking into the interior. This material is commonly seen as an exterior sun shade on the front of coaches. The night portion is a solid sheet of 4 ply vinyl/fiberglass material.

The shades are operated by simply pulling the head rail of either day or night portions down to the desired location. A slight pull downward on that same rail releases the shade to slowly retract back up to a preset stopping point.

They can also be built in a power version to be operated on a switch or remote controlled by a handheld remote. The power operated units are a great fit for the front of a Class A coach where access to hand operate the shades is limited.

Installation of these shades is fairly simple with the provided snap-in clips.The spring tension can be adjusted to change the speed at which the shades retract. The uppermost stopping point also has to be pre-set before installation. This will be determined by the size of the window valances the shades are being installed into.

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